22MAG / 22 WIN-Auto / 22 WRF Reloader Kit

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The Sharpshooter 22 MAG reloading kit is extremely light and compact. It is made to last for generations. This 22 MAG reloader is a must have for survival tool for the ultimate preparedness. If you are looking an affordable option for bulk 22 MAG at a reasonable price. $10-15 dollars per brick (500), this is the reloader for you.

This Kit will load 22 MAG, 22 WRF, 22 WIN. Another great answer to the rim fire ammo shortage.

Bullet molds are very intricate objects. At Sharpshooter LLC, we have spent a lot of time and resources developing every aspect of the mold. Our molds have a steel spur cutter that cuts the base of the bullet flat and a lube groove that allows you to properly lubricate the bullet as they pass down the rifling.

Finally, the tool includes two bullet molds. Both are 40gr. Round nose that we have tested from 850 fps to 1760 fps giving you the world’s first 22 mag reloading kit.

Powders Used To Reload: Red Dot, Green Dot, Bullseye, Lil Gun, and Pyrodex P


22 Mag Kit Instructions - .pdf File