Berdan Military Case Loader (Foreign & Domestic)

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Built by gun enthusiasts for gun enthusiasts, Sharpshooter now proudly offers a complete new system to reload Berdan/military cases using your current reloading press and dies.

This system is die brand specific INSTEAD of caliber specific! Thus, ALL calibers can be re-primed with the purchase of a single system.

Made for ALL major brand dies including: Redding/Hornady, Lee, Lyman, and RCBS.

This is the FIRST complete system for turning a Berdan primed case into a Boxer primed case. Using our system requires one additional step the FIRST time you reload. Subsequent reloads are performed in the normal manner without the additional step.

For seconds of your time and a few pennies for our sleeves, you can take all the Berdan, steel, or brass (military and/or antique cases) and reload them with our system. The sleeve inserts are turned on a Swiss screw machine for exact sizes (outer of the Berdan and inner of a Boxer size). The sleeve lets you re-prime the case precisely with a Boxer primer. This is press fit into the case and will last for the life of the case. By using cases that were once considered scrap, you will save money by reloading with our new system.

When ordering, please select the brand of resizing dies you will be reloading.

Need Primer Sleeves???

You can now purchase them from our website!

Berdan Primer Sleeves