Prime-All 2.0 - Centerfire

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New Product!!!!

Prime-All 2.0 - Centerfire This prime-all is formulated specifically for use in our #10, #11 percussion cap makers, and Large / Small primer cup makers. Uses some of the same ingredients as the original prime-all. But with better chemical proportions for a more consistent result.  Includes a .5oz (15ml) bottle of primer hardener/preserving liquid. 

1. Mix small amount of powder components together (as indicated on the instructions)   

2. Use small funnel (included) to fill centerfire cup or #10, #11 percussion cap shell 2/3 of the way with powder.  

3. Add 1 drop of hardener / preserving liquid. Let dry completely (approximately. 24hrs). 

4. Primer / percussion cap is now ready to reload. 

The original prime-all can, of course, still be used to reload percussion caps and centerfire primers. The improved formula + hardener liquid = better results for percussion caps and centerfire primers.